Customizing The Acrylic Display Is The Future Marketing Trend

- Feb 22, 2018-

1. acrylic shows the trend of the future retail.

As in the new retail in 2017, it was to make it more convenient for consumers to go shopping, that is, to take away, and to buy shopping between ideas. Acrylic display with the concept of the development of a commodity, the commodity will be acrylic display performance, unique focus show to the audience. These are the important factors to help consumers make purchase decisions. When we use acrylic exhibition to show them to consumers, we have to say that this is actually saving time for them. It is not necessary to screen from a large amount of commodity information, and the convenience of the consumer is the direction of future sales and development.

2. acrylic display is the interactive channel between the consumer and the goods.

From the online interaction, it is not so much the interaction between the consumer and the goods as the interaction between the consumer and the customer service. Because all the information on the line is conveyed by the third party, the seller. There is no direct contact between the consumer and the goods to be purchased. The live broadcast, the commodity evaluation and so on are all others are in use, and the consumer that is really want to buy has no contact with the commodity.

And acrylic display is a channel of interaction under the line, the merchant puts the product on the acrylic display. At this time, the goods are in touch with the consumers. Whether the goods are good, is it not what TA wants, how to use it... This series of problems can be realized simply. At the same time, acrylic display shows the innovative points, usage methods and application scenarios of the product, which are clearly displayed on this customized acrylic display, and use lights, LCD video player, stereo accessories to achieve different functions.

3. custom acrylic display can meet the special needs of the business.

For example, a product of lampblack machine needs to design a acrylic display, and businesses want to simulate the situation of cooking in the kitchen to demonstrate the good smoke exhaust performance of their products. In the traditional way of thinking, do we have to set up a kitchen in the store to show the performance of this smoker? Of course not, you only need to design a special acrylic display for the product. On the acrylic display, it is possible to keep the grooves that set off the smoke.

Look, this is the beauty of acrylic display. Consumers can both feel the function of the goods through real scene simulation, and the merchants do not have to spend much money on their brains. Since the presentation of acrylic, we are constantly discovering its functions and uses, and are committed to providing more value for the business.