Common Equipment And Processing Principle Of Acrylic Products

- Sep 30, 2020-

                 Common equipment and processing principle of acrylic products

Introduction of Acrylic Hot Bending Machine

Acrylic hot bending machine (acrylic hot bending machine) is a plastic plate hot bending machine, which is a processing equipment for acrylic, PC, PVC, SBS and other plastic plates. By accurately positioning the angle, adopting advanced infrared heating and water circulation cooling system, automatic instant forming has the advantages of accurate angle, high speed, high efficiency, no deformation, no paste, no blistering, etc. Products are widely used in advertising and decoration industry, acrylic products industry and other fields, greatly improving the process of making plastic sheets.

Product performance characteristics:

  1. Intelligent operation panel, simple and easy to operate;

  2. The angle positioning is accurate and adjustable;

  3. Energy-saving infrared heating is adopted, and the temperature can be adjusted according to the properties of the plate;

  4. Heating mobile platform of water circulation cooling system;

  5. According to the material properties, etc., set the time and temperature for automatic instant molding;

  6. Hot-bent workpieces are flat, free from scratches, deformation, pasting or blistering;

  7.  Water temperature alarm and leakage protection function ensure safe operation;

  8.  Equipped with measuring scale to ensure the standardization of mass production workpieces.

Applicable materials: Suitable for hot bending process of acrylic board, PC, PVC, SBS, etc., and suitable for batch processing of uniform standards in advertising, acrylic production and other industries .

Product application: Decorate exhibition hall, bottom of billboard, hot bending processing equipment for plastic plates such as square columns, cylindrical doors, doors and windows, display cabinets, supermarket shelves, curtain walls, large light boxes and acrylic plates.

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