Advantages And Precautions Of Acrylic Luminous Display Stand

- May 19, 2020-

                  Advantages and Precautions of Acrylic Luminous Display Stand

  Firstly,What are the advantages of acrylic light-emitting display stands compared with display stands made of other materials?

      1.Acrylic display stand has high light transmittance and crystal-like transparency. Even businesses with good processing skills can achieve a light transmittance of more than 98%, allowing the light contained in the display stand to be placed outside, making it more shining and luxurious under the refraction and reflection of light.

       2.Acrylic luminous display stand can attract consumers' attention. Imagine everyone shopping in the same yellow and white lights, suddenly seeing a store's shelves glowing. Then I think consumers will be more willing to go to this store for shopping. This is a good marketing effect achieved by using consumers' curiosity to catch consumers' eyes.

      3.Acrylic display stand has good thermal processing performance. Because Luminous has a reputation for advertising, it will choose to brand or color its LOGO on the shelf. In particular, luminous display stands will attract more consumers' attention. In this case, merchants will choose more acrylic luminous display stands.

Secondly, What should be paid attention to when using acrylic luminous display stand?

     1.Although acrylic has a toughness close to that of plastic, it is still fragile because of its structural composition. Therefore, it should be placed at a higher position to prevent the children brought by the customers from touching, causing multiple losses when the shelves and products fall off.

     2.The light of the luminous display stand should be as soft as possible, not particularly dazzling. Just think if the light is too strong and dazzling, it will produce the effect of grandstanding. Customers will only pay attention to the light and ignore the products displayed by merchants. In other words, too much dazzling light will stimulate the eyes of consumers, so that consumers are unwilling to look straight into the shelves, which will overshadow even many novel products.