Acrylic Toothpick Display Box To Make Your Life A Little More Beautiful

- Feb 03, 2018-

Speaking of acrylic toothpick display box, you may not know very well. It is not that you have never seen the box of acrylic products, but we didn't know that it was called acrylic toothpick display box. We would like to introduce acrylic toothpick display box.

Acrylic Toothpick Dispenser Box

acrylic toothpick display box in life can be seen everywhere, it was gradually applied to various fields, our common acrylic toothpick display box is mainly in the supermarket, in the supermarket every kind of acrylic toothpick display boxes filled with different food, this is also related to the properties of acrylic toothpick display box.

acrylic toothpick display box has high transparency, it can show the products well, so that consumers can better see the overall food. At the same time, the hardness of acrylic toothpick display box is much higher than that of glass box, and it is more durable than that of glass box. The strength of the acrylic box is high in itself, and its resistance and tensile force are 7-18 times as high as that of the ordinary box.

The box is made of polymer acrylic products made of transparent materials and the light transmittance can reach 92%, than the average transmittance is much higher, because the UV glass can only 0.6%, and can reach 73% of UV transparent acrylic, acrylic is not only a very good industrial materials and plastic crystal said. Can meet the different tastes of the pursuit of individuality, make your life more beautiful.