Acrylic Products Affect Our Lives

- Jun 16, 2017-

Today, we live in a lot of areas to fully enjoy the magical effect of acrylic products, because it has a color beautiful, high transparency, strong flexibility, wear resistance and fire performance, and durability of the characteristics of service our lives, prosperity and development of the industry.

Today's acrylic products related to more social areas: living supplies in furniture, lighting and so on, gifts in the tray, goods racks, all kinds of goods boxes, stationery, such as office supplies, works of art and so on are all kinds of characters, animal modelling, trademarks, publicity and treatment, as well as medicine, optics, aircraft and travel doors and windows and many other uses.

Acrylic products have a light quality, good transmittance, as well as its excellent weather resistance, excellent molding performance and physical and mechanical properties, these advantages of the performance of the casting acrylic products good efficacy, for its prosperity and development to provide effective protection, and thus a variety of products, display racks, sculpture, screen printing, Taiwan licensing, cosmetic display products, electronic products, and has been a very good development.