Acrylic Photo Frame Making Method

- Apr 24, 2018-


Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method. Laser can cut a variety of patterns, text and so on. This technique uses a laser beam to irradiate acrylic surfaces. The energy released is the melting of acrylic plates. Laser cutting methods can be used for precise cutting. Due to the complex shape, the cutting material only needs to be polished.


Drilling: Determine the acrylic according to the position on the drawing, then position and punch.

CNC drilling: It is very convenient to use the machine for drilling. We only need to use the dimensions indicated on the drawings on the computer to transfer the images on the computer to the CNC machine. The machine will automatically run and work.


Customers need high quality products and polished products. This process is achieved by conventional grinding and cloth wheel polishing. The polishing methods are: 1. Traditional cloth wheel polishing method 2. Flame polishing method 3. Diamond polishing method

Hot bending

Acrylic hot bends can be achieved in several different ways. At the same time, many acrylic sheets can be placed on a set of hot bending and forming dies for hot bending. Most hot bends are single or parallel hot bends. Hot bending angle can be controlled according to the mold.