Acrylic Lipstick Riser Advantage

- Jan 16, 2018-

acrylic lipstick riser advantage

At present, most of the advertising carrier acrylic lipstick riser is a variety of business promotional display application, but there are still many businesses do not know where the good high-end acrylic lipstick riser? Don't worry, let Ming Yu crafts acrylic lipstick riser manufacturers to tell you where the advantages of high-end acrylic lipstick riser.

Male cloth display products tell you, high-end acrylic lipstick riser than racks or glass display, explosion-proof, better anti deformation and anti rust, suitable for long time use, continue to provide superior commercial display effect. 

We all know that the acrylic lipstick riser material at room temperature under non-toxic tasteless, acrylic display custom than PVC or foamed cotton, made of KT materials such as acrylic lipstick riser by modern people welcome more.

Acrylic high transparency, well-developed acrylic custom display rack gives people a crystal like visual effect, which can better support various quality products and enhance the quality of products.

Acrylic easily through various processing methods according to the requirements of customers customized to display a variety of structure, high-end acrylic lipstick riser the most beautiful side you can fully display of goods, the appearance of characteristics better reflect your goods.

The above is summed up in a word, acrylic lipstick riser can be the perfect embodiment of a commodity as the best, is to choose the business promotion.

The four point is that we in the production of acrylic lipstick riser will focus attention, when we use big acrylic lipstick riser plate, to increase the thickness of plate to prevent sagging deformation due to gravity, hot forming can improve impact strength. The choice of weight type acrylic lipstick riser suitable acrylic sheet, can not be too thick or too thin, so as to avoid the right plate and bearing the weight of the product does not meet lead to deformation in the production process.

1, the appropriate thickness of acrylic sheet should be selected to avoid bending deformation.

2, the installation must be considered to have a certain expansion space.

3. To avoid scratching in the process of processing.

4, the thermal deformation temperature of the acrylic plate is about 100 degrees, and the continuous use temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees.