Acrylic Display Frame How To Avoid Scratching During Use

- May 04, 2018-

Most of the display racks that are common in Japan are transparent acrylic display stands. It will look very obvious and it is difficult to cover up scratches. Therefore, everyone should be careful when using them to avoid scratching or throwing sharp objects. What if you scratched it? It's a pity to throw away a small scratch, and it's not good to ignore it. Do not worry,Shenzhen Mingyu crafts teach you a few simple and practical solutions.

First, first, for small scratches that are not large and deep, you can use a cotton cloth to wipe off the scratched parts with a toothpaste. By repeated wiping, you can remove scratches and restore the original color of the acrylic display stand. brightness.

2. If the scratch area is large, you may not be able to solve it well. The factory can use a cloth wheel polisher to polish and polish.