Acrylic Display Customized

- Jan 01, 2018-

Now the range of acrylic products display rack is more and more widely used in all walks of life in the application of acrylic products, with the development of the times. Why is acrylic display rack so widely applied? Below, let me see the characteristics of acrylic display rack from the acrylic display rack from the appearance and acrylic display rack.  

Elegant and good decorative effect. Acrylic display rack is beautiful in appearance, strong in structure, free in assembly, quick in assembly and disassembly, and convenient in transportation. And the exquisite display frame style is beautiful. The display frame makes the product have the extraordinary charm. Acrylic products display from the material point of view:

Whether the 1. machining surface will appear chapped, rigid index can reflect the degree of purity of raw material PMMA plate and weathering resistance and high temperature performance etc.. The hardness directly affects whether the plate will shrink the bending deformation.  

2. to ensure excellent transparency and pure brightness of the plate, crystal clear after the flame polishing.  

Thickness tolerance: the control of sheet thickness tolerance is an important embodiment of quality management and production technology