Acrylic Cigarette Display Supplier

- Apr 10, 2018-

Where we can make the high grade acrylic cigarette display?

Answer: Huizhou Mingyu Industrial Co., LTd Our new cigarette display rack is made of high transparent and high quality acrylic transparent sheet casting board. With a simple structure, we can create high-end products. Backboards can change advertising pictures at any time. This product uses spot lighting to make your products more dazzling. Of course, not only can we display cigarette rack, but also we can replace more red wine or liquor display rack. Our company has been playing the exhibition rack for 10 years, and the scale is also one of the top industries.

Which material is the preferred material for the cigarette display frame? Of course, it's the acrylic material. If wood is selected for 2 years, wood has cracked or moth eaten, and now wood is not popular. Besides, it's glass material. As we all know, glass material is very heavy. And afraid of falling. Acrylic material is different. First of all, it has environmental protection, high light transmission, lightness, rich color, and moderate price. So acrylic material is the preferred material for cigarette display rack.

A series of cigarette products we can do: a large number of smoke models, smoke mold, cigarette mold, retail sales department cigarette retail shelves, new cigarette promotion and extension, and so on.

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