Acrylic Award Supplier In China

- Apr 16, 2018-

SHENZHEN MINGYU CRAFTS CO., LTD, The workshop is more than 3000 square meters, the number of employees is more than 50, and has 10 years experience in making acrylic.

The acrylic award: 

Acrylic is not as heavy as crystal material, but its transparency is higher than that of crystal. Acrylic can shape many shapes, and the color is quite rich. It is not as simple as crystal.

The advantages of acrylic medals:

1. Durable, for a period of 8 years

2. The price is more affordable than the crystal.

3, the style and shape are customized, and logo printing patterns can be added.

If any question for further, please feel free to contact with us:

Janie, Mob.: 0086-13631668736