What details should be paid attention to when maintaining Acrylic Tissue Box

- Feb 03, 2018-

Acrylic Tissue Box in the usual course of use, many of our friends will not pay too much attention to maintenance, resulting in Acrylic Tissue Box surface is covered with dust to clean up, when the Acrylic Tissue Box frame when there is dust on the surface, will cut attract customers attention, so we should pay attention to maintenance, then in the maintenance of Acrylic Tissue Box the time to pay attention to what the details?

The maintenance details of the Acrylic Tissue Box:

In 1, the Acrylic Tissue Box is clean, use the cloth to clean it must use everyday clean cotton cloth to wipe off, if you want to use the wet cloth, it is necessary to wring the water to wipe clean, or use a special cleaning agent such as shopping malls display cabinet. (warm hints: stainless steel cleaning water can be the lowest damage to the surface of the display frame after cleaning, and can prevent oxidation).

2, Acrylic Tissue Box is transparent and good, but because customers will be exposed when buying goods, so the surface is prone to blur. So we need to clean the surface stains promptly.

We know that the Acrylic Tissue Boxdisplay in the process of exhibition display is one of the most attract the attention of customers, so the Acrylic Tissue Boxdisplay needs to maintain the best condition for a long time, hope that we can through the above Acrylic Tissue Boxsupplier manufacturer MingYu , Acrylic Tissue Boxdisplay on the maintenance details, to help.