What is the production process of acrylic display

- Dec 25, 2017-

The advantages of acrylic display rack products are good shaping, easy breaking and light weight. Compared with ordinary glass and plastic on the market, the advantages of new materials and plexiglass are obvious. Acrylic display rack material transparency is very good, not only than the ordinary glass transmittance, but also has a strong fight, because of these advantages, some foreign countries have been established, children activities places of window glass are used instead of acrylic display rack plate, it is because its resistance is strong, not fragile; acrylic display frame (organic glass) another advantage compared to the glass is easy to manufacture, at 180 DEG C, variable soft plastic, cooling to room temperature can be set. In addition, the density of the acrylic show material is smaller than the glass, which is much lighter than the quality of the same volume material.


The production of acrylic display rack must be full of curiosity, for the production process of acrylic display rack display rack is a body I do not know, as we explain below Chris acrylic display rack display production process:

First, reserve budget material, LED lamp;

Two, engineering field survey, measurement;

Three, drawing design, LOGO design;

Four, the plan determines the modification;

Five, Dongguan luminescent word, Dongguan resin word, Dongguan resin luminescent word, LED resin luminescent word, resin character, mini word, production, engineering installation and construction:

1, making computer files, using CDR software for editing and typesetting, according to the actual 1:1 size to make typesetting, note that strokes can not be too small, and ensure that they can be placed in the smallest LED module (the smallest LED lamp band is 5mm).

2, select the material, the mini - luminescent word used by the imported polymer acrylic display material, the advantage is cut out, smooth and smooth.

Place the required material on the engraving machine, then connect the finished document to the engraving machine and start working.

3, the carvings of the acrylic display frame are completed in several steps.

1), the back of the word is slotted;

2), the opposite side of the word;

3), the front is cut out;

4), cut out the floor.

4, after carving out a professional engraving machine to do a good job of cleaning, in the word slotted area installed on the pre prepared LED high brightness light source.

5, after the above steps are completed, these components are encapsulated, and then the paint color is sprayed on the side. After drying, it forms a complete miniature luminous handicraft.

Six, later maintenance;

Seven, acceptance project

When you make a file, leave enough gaps to make the smallest LED module. When engraving, pay attention to the opposite side, and can not be mistaken.


With the development of POP advertising and the foil effect of products, people's requirements for the display rack of acrylic display shelves are also constantly strengthening, prompting the sales of products to have an unusual impact. Common acrylic display rack display is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, tobacco, wine, pharmacy, glasses, gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, cultural supplies, automotive supplies, car 4S shop, plastic products, cosmetics stores, factories, office products, foreign trade company office product samples show, can also be used for business fairs, and design style, make products more bright spot. The high quality display frame has attracted the attention of the broad masses of customers and squinted and so on.

Acrylic display rack (organic glass) used in Home Furnishing, the effect is very good, color variety, can create different effects, in addition to a glass transparent acrylic display (organic glass), and acrylic (PMMA) display panel color feeling excellent, compared with other materials acrylic display (organic glass) the cost is slightly higher, but the types of flower color, color type and hardness than glass. In addition, the acrylic display frame (organic glass) used for home assembly will have different effects through the built-in light and the external light.