What is the process of acrylic seamless hot pressing

- Feb 15, 2018-

The application of acrylic widely caused the market continues to expand, new demand for the rapid development of technology of acrylic, acrylic seamless hot in recent years, domestic new technology, through the oven and a high pressure, the two piece acrylic plate seamless pressed together, called acrylic seamless hot pressing technology. The characteristics of acrylic led to easy processing, has the good after heating the hot ductility, plasticity, through the oven and use high-power high-voltage equipment can be different acrylic plate seamless pressed together, after grinding and polishing a translucent acrylic products, by the love.

Through the seamless hot pressing process to produce acrylic ACRYLIC SIGN beautiful and durable acrylic plexiglass acrylic (acrylic) history in the early 20s, Solomon ha company first invented a new method of acrylic plate used for the polymerization of MMA, the board later called "Oroglas/Plexiglas".

Acrylic seamless hot press

Features: strong adaptability to acid-base and climate, and will not lose lustre and yellowing quickly because of the outdoors.

Long service life: the service life of the products produced by the ordinary process is 3 years ~5 years longer than that of the ordinary process.

Good transmittance: in the store, you can use different lights to render colourful colors, very gorgeous.

Strong impact resistance: more shock resistant than ordinary acrylic products, and can deal with some bad environment.

Excellent insulation performance: suitable for all kinds of electrical and electrical equipment.

Light self weight: lighter than ordinary acrylic, easy to move and use.