What is acrylic display stand?

- Jun 16, 2017-

Acrylic display stand also known as product display, promotional racks, portable display and information frame, acrylic display stand refers to the acrylic material according to its good characteristics produced by the handicraft or consumer goods, because acrylic products with high transparency, low price easy machining advantages, so acrylic products widely used, we can see acrylic products everywhere in life.

1. The display frame can be divided into:
Exhibition stand, clothing display stand, food display stand, lubricating oil display stand, data display stand, jewelry display stand, propaganda display, cosmetics display rack and so on;

2. The display frame can be divided into the following styles:
Floor display stand, magnetic levitation display frame, desktop display frame, hanging display frame, profiled display frame, theme display pile head, rotating display frame;

3. According to the material can be divided into:
Paper display stand, metal display stand, plexiglass exhibition frame, composite display stand. Titanium alloy display stand.