What are the types of acrylic display rack

- Jan 21, 2018-

What are the types of acrylic display rack

1. acrylic tobacco and wine display rack is a kind of acrylic display rack common in our life, which is usually used to display the display frame of tobacco and wine products.

2., the acrylic spectacle display rack is the display frame for displaying glasses. The glasses are processed by precision. They are strong in natural environment. Otherwise, they are easy to damage, easy to fail, and are not easy to repair, or even become waste products.

3, in addition to display here described above, there are many such as: data frame, acrylic cosmetic display, organic glass, cosmetics showcase, jewelry boxes, jewelry items, jewelry exhibition, image display, exhibition showcase, showcase, shoe rack, rotating frame, acrylic watch exclusive cabinet, organic glass etc..

That's why we often see acrylic cosmetic display rack, jewelry display rack, cigarette and wine display rack, digital product display rack, but never see the TV display rack. So the amount of product line, design is one of the basic principles of making acrylic display rack, acrylic products in almost all aspects of life, almost many products produced in life.

Acrylic display rack aka product display, promotional planes, such as portable exhibition and data frame, acrylic display rack refers to the acrylic material produced according to its good characteristics of Arts and crafts or consumer goods, because acrylic products with high transparency, low price and easy machining, so acrylic products are widely used, we life can be seen everywhere in the acrylic products;

1. The display frame can be divided into the following uses:

Exhibition display rack, clothing display rack, food display rack, lubricating oil display rack, data display rack, jewelry display rack, publicity and display rack, cosmetics display rack and so on.

2, the display frame can be divided according to the style:

Floor type display, magnetic display, desktop display, hanging display, special display, thematic display Duitou, rotating display;

3. According to the material, it can be divided into:

The paper display shelf, metal display, organic glass display rack, display rack. Titanium alloy composite display.

What is acrylic display rack today is to share this, acrylic with high transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, a "plastic crystal" reputation, and has excellent weather resistance, especially in outdoor applications, among other plastic crown and with good surface hardness and luster, plastic processing, shape and the products made by the various needs.