What are the advantages of acrylic tissue case

- Jan 11, 2018-

What are the advantages of acrylic tissue case

Display the display. If you want to ask why acrylic tissue case is so popular, it has to say about the advantages of acrylic display.

1, easy processing, easy processing acrylic tissue case, large acrylic tissue case is cutting, bending, bonding, as injection molding mold fee to display, you can save a lot of cost.

2, material: acrylic material variety, color and diverse, both commonly used are transparent, black and white, color, frosted acrylic tissue case is widely used, in supermarkets, department stores, shops and other places are useful to, for the color of the product, but also Dali stone, imitation wood, marble special acrylic material, optional display very much, unlike other materials too single.

3, good transparency: transparent display transparent acrylic processing, transparent and glossy, used to display watches, cosmetics, handbags, jewelry and other high-end products, highlight the noble and fashion products.

acrylic tissue case from the small as you provide the cleaning method:

acrylic tissue case is used for a long time, if you usually do not scrub, surface fall dirt or grease, make acrylic products is no longer the original luster, transparency, want to make acrylic products will need to take on an altogether new aspect, clean acrylic products.

Different acrylic tissue case in plastic, glass, ordinary cleaning method can not only play a role in cleaning, may also cause damage to the acrylic products, acrylic products what so clean?

The dust attached to the acrylic tissue case, you can use a soft cotton cloth, flannel, sponge dipped in clean water and gently wipe. If the oil is difficult to clean, it would need to use acrylic cleaning agent, cleaning agent for cotton after wet scrubbing.

acrylic tissue case above is clean, need to remind you is the best: acrylic tissue case do not rub dry, to avoid scratches of acrylic products.