How to pay attention to the sticking of the acrylic donation box

- Jan 08, 2018-

What is the problem of acrylic donation box bonding?

The acrylic donation box needs to be bonded during the process of production. What should be paid attention to when it is bonded?

1, acrylic donation box plate surface stress and surface because the cutting tool caused by stress, the degradation will affect the bonding effect of sheet.

2, indoor temperature, temperature and some other factors will have some impact on the donation box board of acrylic adhesive.

Third: adhesive before fully cured by long time direct exposure to sun rays, or make a donation box of acrylic become yellow phenomenon in different degree, to a certain extent will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic donation box.

3, directly on the plate can make the adhesive surface of the outer hair because of rapid evaporation of adhesive and white.

The surface 4, almost all of the adhesive will erode the donation box acrylic sheet, but also very difficult to eliminate left traces, so we can use the method to protect the site with the self-adhesive plate without adhesive.

5, dust, grease or pores will be difficult to leave some uniform coating and bonding of the bubble, so we in the donation box before bonding to acrylic to remove impurities.

6, acrylic sheet adhesive bonding donation box dose should not be too small, it will make the adhesive contraction into some air.

Ming Yu tells you the characteristics of the material of the acrylic donation box

The donation box acrylic material with high transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, a 'reputation' plastic crystal. It also has excellent weatherability. It is especially applied to outdoor, other plastic crown, and has good surface hardness and luster. It has large plasticity and can be made into all kinds of shapes and products needed. There is a wide variety of colors in the sheet, and the other feature is that the thick plate can still maintain high transparency.

What is the extention of acrylic donation box material when it is processed? If the acrylic donation box or plate is moved from low humidity to high humidity, after a period of time, acrylic will become longer due to wet water. Otherwise, it will shorten.

When acrylic materials or lenses move from low temperature to high temperature, after a period of time, the reason for the rise of acrylic temperature is longer, whereas on the contrary, it will shorten.