The role of color in the acrylic lipstick riser

- Jan 29, 2018-

The role of color in the acrylic lipstick riser

In the production of acrylic lipstick riser, we usually match the corresponding colors according to some actual situations, which adds difficulty to the design of acrylic lipstick riser, but why design colors? This has to say the role of color for acrylic lipstick riser, the following is to introduce the role of color in the acrylic lipstick riser.

First, pleasing colors, unified and harmonious hue, rhythmic and rhythmic color combination sequences can not only beautify products, enhance the level of business environment, but also give people a comfortable aesthetic effect in vision and mind.

Two, color also has a good regulatory role. Mainly includes the regulation of commercial space and temperature, display characteristics of acrylic lipstick riser production enterprises can skillfully use cool dark characteristics and hot cold quiet color bright active expansion, to regulate the commercial sense of space size, adjust the display environment of cold and warm feeling and atmosphere.

Three, color space creation should not only respect the demands of the people, but also should pay attention to people's psychological and physiological and material requirements for the creation of indoor space environment, color is one of the most important factors to create atmosphere and style, the psychological effect of color is through the eyes of the red, as in the environment, in order to give people on the contrary, in the summer heat, blue environment, in order to give people a sense of quiet.

Four, in the consumer shopping environment, people tend to be excited by various new products dizzying have a strong impulse to buy. Different enterprises and different categories of commodities show different ambience in the exhibition environment. This large tone and the color keynote of displaying the commodity personality can directly affect the effect of the exhibition site because it can act on people's psychology and mood very quickly.