The design of the acrylic display case

- Jan 07, 2018-

The design of the acrylic display case?

Over the past few years, China has built up daylighting bodies, which have been developed rapidly and made of acrylic extruded panels. It has all the advantages of high strength, light weight, high transmittance and high safety function. It has great advantages compared with glass lighting.

PMMA display case, commonly known as acrylic display case, is an early developing main thermoplastic, which has good clarity, chemical stability and weatherability. It is easy to stain, easy to process and beautiful in appearance, and is widely used in construction industry. Acrylic display case products generally can be divided into casting plate, extrusion plate and plastic mold.

The use of acrylic in construction industry is mainly used for building daylighting, bright roofs, rooftops, telephone booths, staircases and wall panels. In these years, the use of lighting lampshade and car lamps in highways and advanced roads is also properly carried out. In the meantime, shopping malls such as daylighting, bathtubs, street advertisements, light boxes and telephone kiosks increased rapidly. There will be more room for future development and shopping malls will have broad prospects.

At present, the United States and Japan have made mandatory rules in law, schools and kindergartens for the glass it is necessary to use acrylic China followed laws and regulations continue to improve, estimated that in the near future, China law will rule in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens is also necessary to use acrylic glass built together, all over the country and immediately city construction pace. The streets of the symbol, advertising light boxes and telephone booths have emerged, which used data are appropriate part of acrylic materials.

In sanitary ware, because acrylic bathtub has the appearance of luxury, a sense of depth, easy cleaning, high strength, lightweight and comfortable use and other characteristics, has been widely used in these years, the current domestic annual output of about 1 million 500 thousand years of bathtub, consuming PMMA Extrusion board or pouring plate 5000 tons.

Follow Chinese building regulations increasingly perfect, will acrylic display rack showed strong competitiveness in more application areas.

In addition, special plexiglass, such as optical plexiglass, anti radiation plexiglass and optical grade plexiglass, is still blank in China's construction industry. There is much room for development.

What are the technological processes of the acrylic display case?

1 acrylic processing materials: acrylic sheet to open or cut boot with incision with laser cutting machine, the demand of clear acrylic products size, can accurately cut and avoid waste.

2 carves: after the end of the material, according to the shape of acrylic products, acrylic plates are carved and carved into different shapes.

3 trimming: after cutting or cutting, the marginal contrast of the acrylic sheet is rough, so the organic glass is trimmed, so it is used to the trimming machine.

4 punching: this technology is based on the requirements of acrylic products, some acrylic products have small round holes, this step is to use drilling technology.

Polishing: in cutting, carving, drilling after marginal contrast rough, easy to scratch, so the selection of polishing technology, polishing is also divided into grinding polishing, polishing and polishing fire, according to the commodity and the selection of different polishing method. A detailed distinction is made to check the polishing technology of acrylic products.

5 acrylic processing torn paper: tearing technology is the process before the screen printing and hot bending technology, because acrylic board will have a protective paper after leaving the factory, and it is necessary to tear the stickers posted on acrylic board before printing and hot bending.

6 screen printing: this process is usually displayed by customer needs, from a brand LOGO or slogan, silk screen will be selected, and screen printing can be divided into 2 kinds of screen printing methods: single color screen printing and four color (CNYK) screen printing. It is able to understand the silk printing technology of acrylic products in detail.

7 hot bending: through hot bending can make acrylic into different shapes, in hot bending is also divided into part of hot bending and the whole hot bending. The hot bending technology of acrylic products can be examined in detail.

8: because the acrylic adhesive soluble in chloroform, so the interaction between the needs of other acrylic adhesive without adhesive, as long as the use of a small syringe (usually 5ml) from a chloroform liquid, quietly uniformly to the surface of acrylic adhesive instead of extrusion on the adhesive to be pressed immediately after vaporization of the liquid, and the viscosity of acrylic. Pay attention to the amount of chloroform to here, if too few, the bonded area is too small, not strong; if too much flow to the other surface, will leave marks, affect beautiful, and the information bubble deformation, will also affect the quality, and to increase the contact area, sprinkle some acrylic powder in the around (collected in the file of acrylic powder), and then drops of chloroform. In addition, trichloromethane is attributed to toxic chemicals, which can not be manipulate on the hands to avoid immersion in the body.