What are the key points in the improvement of the craft of the desktop acrylic clock

- Jan 22, 2018-

What are the key points in the improvement of the craft of the desktop acrylic clock

1, the positive plate is placed on the glass plate, and then exposed, the screen plate is placed on the positive plate and parallel to the image axis. If the moire, left or right rotating screen, until the moire disappeared, usually 7 deg. Easy to form moire intersection area is located in the direction of the screen mesh and screen. The main color and dark color caused by Moire problems.

2. One of the basic requirements for the realization of perfect image reproduction is the good quality of the transparent positive film, that is to say, the edges of the dots should be neatly and opaque. The same color printing ink color separations and use.

3. The abrasive scraper is essential for high quality printing, and the shat hardness of the knife is about 70. The scraper should be set at 75 degree angle. If the angle of the blade is adjusted too smooth, the printing image may be blurred. If the angle is too steep, the danger of screen printing image deformation will be large.

4. For four color printing, the same size and stable aluminum mesh frame should be used, and the net frame used is the same type and type of screen. The use of dyeing screen helps eliminate moire, screen of tension to uniform everywhere, and four-color printing the same mesh tension 4 block screen.

5, the mesh tone image is printed with high viscosity ink, the more fine screen the screen needs to have the thicker color ink.

6, the back ink knife should not be too low, if so, the film plate will be full of excessive ink, printing is easy to blurred and rubbed.

7. Using UV ink, the tone range of the screen should be 5% to 80%, and the shaven hardness of the shaved shave should be 75. In order to control the UV ink does not get dirty in color printing, printing recommended according to green, magenta, yellow and black color sequence. The thickness of the net plate is not more than 5um when the UV ink is used.

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