The cleaning method and judge the quality of acrylic products acrylic display rack

- Jan 04, 2018-

The cleaning method and judge the quality of acrylic products acrylic display rack

Acrylic display rack processing is one of the most common items in daily life, in the major supermarkets to see the beautiful posture, acrylic display rack products look more high-end charm, attract customers eyes, bright and colorful and impressive, increase publicity, to the shop sales pull effect.

Always see a variety of acrylic display, their bright colors, soft light, many colors, looks very beautiful, so everyone in daily life, know how to clean the acrylic display rack of acrylic products?

Acrylic display rack can clean with soap and water to a soft cloth dipped in 1%, with convenient cleaning, when soft cloth must wipe with clean soft cloth, after wiping used must be clean or change in surface cleaning, do not use dirty cloth on the surface of repeated friction, so much damage to the product.

Acrylic display surface hardness, not to scratch the surface with a hard object, easy scratching and beautiful performance and transparent performance will drop a lot of acrylic products customization Dido display, professional quality trustworthy, imported material guarantees!

Xiong cloth small editor to explain how to judge the good or bad acrylic products!

PMMA has been developing slowly in China market. We often see plexiglass display products, or crafts or household products. Because of the limitation of domestic processing technology, it can not be used in the construction of schools as in foreign countries. The quality of plexiglass on the market is uneven. Some businesses often cut corners or make finished products with inferior organic glass and acrylic materials, and sell them at a high price. So we have to know how to judge the good or bad of the organic glass products, so that we can not be deceived. Dido Ark Ley is customizing to tell you how to judge the quality of the organic glass.

1. Look at the transparency of the plexiglass

It is known that the transparency standard of the organic glass is 92%, which is more transparent than the glass. High transparent plexiglass is processed to be very transparent after polishing, almost the same as the surface. So we have to compare the transparency of the plexiglass.

Tip: we generally from the manufacturers or acrylic products stores get all the protective paper, tear control light organic glass transparency, blue and yellow are all recycled materials and new material synthesis, all sheet transparency of new material to do contrast is very high.

2. Look at the thickness of the plexiglass

People who deal with acrylic products often know that products on the market are generally tolerable, and some businesses are Jerry building, some of which are unavoidable errors in machine cutting.

Tips: the better the organic glass is, the smaller the thickness of the tolerance, which can be determined according to the needs of your own. If it is to do some handicraft gifts, display shelves, display articles, this does not have to be considered. But to do some lens panels, product accessories and other requirements of a higher thickness must be determined in advance with the manufacturers to determine the relevant standards.

3. Look at the protective paper and brand logo of the plexiglass face

Tips: whether you are a wholesaler or a self-employed person, it is recommended that you choose a regular manufacturer to make a purchase or make a purchase, choose the larger PMMA acrylic manufacturer at home, and a good manufacturer in some area. Because the materials used by the powerful manufacturers are imported raw materials and domestic production.