The advantages of desktop acrylic clock

- Jan 10, 2018-

The advantages of desktop acrylic clock

Good weatherability and corrosion resistance, not because of Months and years pass by. of sun and rain, the phenomenon of life and acrylic plate from yellowing and hydrolysis, compared with other materials, life is 3 years good translucent, can reach more than 92%, the light intensity less required, saving power of strong impact, is sixteen times the average glass, particularly suitable for installation in the safety zone excellent insulating performance, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment, light weight, half light than ordinary glass, buildings and support load small bright color, high brightness, is not comparable to other material plasticity and other changes, forming easily Recyclable high rate for the increasing awareness of Environmental Protection approved maintenance is convenient, easy to clean, clean or natural water, soap and a soft cloth to scrub

One, excellent transparency desktop acrylic clock colorless transparent plexiglass sheet, light transmittance up to 92%

Two, excellent weatherability has strong adaptability to natural environment. Even long time exposure to sunlight and wind and rain will not change its performance, it has good anti-aging performance and can also be used safely outside.

Three. Good processing performance is suitable for mechanical processing and hot forming

Four, excellent comprehensive properties, desktop acrylic clock, variety, color and excellent performance. It provides various choices for designers. desktop acrylic clock can be dyed, and surface can be spray painted, screen printed or vacuum coated.

Five, non-toxic even with people's long-term contact is also harmless, but when the combustion is incomplete, it will produce formaldehyde, one oxygen and 1 carbon.

Six. The coefficient of linear expansion of the casting plate is about 7x10-4m/m.K. Acrylic is known as "plastic crystal", and has excellent weatherability. It is especially applied to outdoor, other plastic crown, and has good surface hardness and luster, large processing plasticity, and can be made into all kinds of shapes and products needed. The other panels are rich in color (with a translucent plate), and the other feature is that the thick plate can still maintain high transparency.