The Acrylic Eyeglass Display will be hot and cold, you know

- Jan 23, 2018-

The Acrylic Eyeglass Display will be hot and cold, you know?

Friends who often use acrylic and Acrylic Eyeglass Display should know that the acrylic plate is not heat-resistant and can not be used in the high temperature environment. Now, there is a knowledge about the heat expansion and contraction of the Acrylic Eyeglass Display.

1, the Acrylic Eyeglass Display supplier reminds that the organic glass is softened at 101 degrees C, so it is not allowed to use the place above 75 degrees C.

2, the thermal expansion coefficient of Acrylic Eyeglass Display is very large, and its thermal expansion and cold shrinkage is equivalent to nine times of metal. Due to the change of temperature, a courtier must be reserved for organic glass device and fixed.

3, when the Acrylic Eyeglass Display is static, it is easy to pay for dust. When it is cleaned, it only needs 1% of soap water. With soft cotton cloth and soapy water, it can remove dirt easily and achieve clean effect.

4, the surface hardness of Acrylic Eyeglass Display is equivalent to that of aluminum alloy. When it is used or processed, it must be protected. Once the surface is scratched, it can be polished by rubbing copper oil to achieve the original gloss surface.