SHENZHEN MINGYU CRAFTS launch a combination of new product promotion display power acrylic

- Dec 30, 2017-

Reporters learned that the latest, SHENZHEN MINGYU CRAFTS launched using a combination of new products for supermarket promotional display. The use of corrugated paper and acrylic sheets to produce display and display products has achieved the desired cosmetic results except for aesthetics and performance. Compared with the past, the cost of making acrylic sheets has been reduced by nearly half.

Many in the production of paper display businesses still remain in the traditional process of thought above, this is far insufficient, there are certain elastic corrugated cardboard and convenient folding, but lack of hardness is not enough, making a display will not give texture straight, not strong enough, as in this based on the transparent acrylic is plus beautiful and can increase the hardness of the firm.

In store promotions more marketing secret is to attract customers with unique and innovative, into various shapes in acrylic surface printing patterns, carving, in the light of the effect under the transparent luster, looks exquisite and elegant, highly transparent effect for customers of products at a glance, very upscale atmosphere.

The display rack which is made of corrugated board and acrylic can be placed in the store, and it can help businesses to promote their activities. With the help of their new patterns, brilliant colors and unique ideas, customers can notice that they stop and have interest in the products on display shelves. The unique and attractive display frames often have unexpected effects and can greatly mobilize the customers' purchasing motivation. When consumers face a lot of goods and can't start, an excellent display shelf placed around the commodity will provide consumers with information and faithfully and continuously, playing the role of attracting consumers and facilitated their purchase determination.