Tools and materials are introduced and the advertisement plate description of Acrylic Tissue Box

- Jan 09, 2018-

Tools and materials are introduced and the advertisement plate description of Acrylic Tissue Box

Section plane rough organic plate section available plane push plane straight, no electric available grinder coarse grinding again, and then placed on the flat belt machine. The thin plate with pressure iron clamp the chip and clip together with electric or belt machine planing mill direct. In this way, the work efficiency can be improved, and the consistency of the multi plate size is also guaranteed. Professional manufacturers generally have special iron clamp, large organic clamping to then push flat planer. The effect is very good for the small area plate with table tiger pliers.

The effect of grinding and polishing is to restore the light of the broken section of the organic plate. Have planing plate, water sandpaper further ground, and then use the polishing machine for polishing. The polishing process, from time to time to the wheel rubbed some polishing soap (soap, soap, green and white) to accelerate the speed of polishing. Transparent organic plate often have various scratches before printing or adhesive Acrylic Tissue Box should be polished. With the appearance of the engraving machine, the section of the organic plate also has the light processing using the flame processor, but the effect is not ideal. For the high quality requirements of the plate the best use of laser cutting machine. Bending: processing acrylic plexiglass plate rack is often required at various angles of sheet bending. According to the length of the bending line, a number of heaters with different lengths can be made, and the heater is made of flat square aluminum alloy profiles. Methods: the cell line first in aluminum on the plane to open a 3~5mm, so that the heating pipe heat from the overflow slot on both sides with hard wood attached, can play a role in insulation is not sticky. Then, the quartz heating pipe is fixed in the aluminum tube with the iron card, and the power cord can be used. In the corner of the organic plate, a light line is ticked out with a hook, so that the corner line can be folded to get the square and the size is accurate.

In the process of heating, heating organic board must use wood on the side of the line, the heating wire heating balance, break out of the corner will be flat, but does not appear in meat or local fracture phenomenon. Different angle of bending, also need to configure different angles of wooden mold.

The following is the male cloth Acrylic Tissue Box display:

Slotted drilling: sign panel or display shelf often slotted hole slotted with vertical milling machine, ran well equipped with different types of cutters; holes need to purchase a combination of hole, the hole card on the bench drill can complete the task of opening, below 13mm with ordinary drill hole. Adhesion: the more commonly used adhesive is trichloromethane solution. With the injection needle needle inhalation solution, spark gap bonding, adhesive bonding effect is very good, for large area, can use crystal glue, adhesive of high transparency, and the degree of car is good, there are 502, 110 strong adhesive bonding, it is also very convenient, but the price is a little expensive some. In the advertising industry, both focus on screen printing plate engraving cutting and engaged in organic glass processing enterprises, they also achieved good economic and social benefits. With the Acrylic Tissue Box are more and more popular, now more functional Acrylic Tissue Box, for different types of products are different, such as cosmetics, jewelry display display rack, display rack, display rack, electronic glasses and display etc.. Then the Acrylic Tissue Box in the end what kind of advantage?

The main material is acrylic Acrylic Tissue Box, in the design we can enterprise culture into the exhibition, so in the process of using not only has a good display effect, easy to clean, and can enhance the overall image of enterprise, play the role of publicity.

Because of the appearance of Acrylic Tissue Box, and can greatly improve the product quality. Reasonable use of Acrylic Tissue Box, not only to show the appearance of the characteristics of the product, but also excellent quality of products, so that customers do not like visual effects, so as to improve product quality, promote the sales of products.

Although the Acrylic Tissue Box with glassy transparency, but its weight is only half of ordinary glass, or in the mobile handling is very convenient.

Professionally designed Acrylic Tissue Box can be unified with the enterprise culture connotation, more effectively show the product brand image. Because the display is based on the product design, can better highlight the features and characteristics of a product. In addition, we can also let the products be classified and displayed, so that the consumers can be easy to choose and buy at a glance during the process of browsing.