Luminous acrylic display rack characteristics and how to choose the material of acrylic display rack

- Jan 03, 2018-

Luminous acrylic display rack characteristics and how to choose the material of acrylic display rack

We all know that acrylic display material transparency is very high, but few have seen it is luminous, the market is indeed the material.

At present, our common acrylic display rack is luminous, luminous powder mixed in other manufacturing materials as matrix.

But because these materials do not have good transparency, greatly hindered the luminous powder by light and luminous efficiency, and the general matrix material is organic glass has good light transmittance, this characteristic can make all the body of acrylic luminous powder can absorb light and release enough light, it can be said it will be the luminous powder effect to the extreme, luminous material base material of course you can choose many, many choices. But why do you want to choose acrylic?

Because of all these plastic, transparent acrylic display rack is the best, is of great significance to the quality of transparent luminescent properties of this material, if the two kinds of luminous products with different base materials made of a contrast, rely on our eyes to see them in the light effect of the differences, acrylic has some other advantages like wood, easy processing, easy cutting, bonding, and the cost is relatively low.

The lamp must rely on electricity to shine, and the luminous material itself can shine. This is attributed to the noctilucent powder in the material. The role of noctilucent powder is to first absorb light and store it, then release it slowly.

How to choose the materials acrylic display rack

The material is almost all the key factors of product quality, there is no exception for acrylic display rack, acrylic display rack material should be how to choose?

Acrylic display rack is the most important is the choice of material, only to choose, to consider the next selection.

Now in the market, making the display materials mainly include several acrylic sheet, environment-friendly wood, special fireproof board, crystal board etc.. But after comparing them, you will find in these materials are widely used with acrylic board, environment-friendly wood, the reason is mainly the plate itself grade is high, especially for the more expensive jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, mobile phone, computer and other high-end products more widespread.

Generally speaking, need to display backplane placed against the wall are not transparent board, multiselect and cabinet appearance of the same color, white or mirror. The top can be filled with light box. The lamp in the cabinet is light, light, and the top is with a lamp box. The height, width and length can be adjusted according to the size of the display site. Square display is generally four light, suitable for display jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phone and other small pieces of high-grade goods, also can make a slightly larger scale, for the display of gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, tobacco and other larger goods. The standardized application of modern display and manufacture enables the display rack to be used for multi-purpose transformation. Generally, materials such as adhesives are not used, and only a single screwdriver can be used to complete the disassembly and assembly conveniently.