LED acrylic letter sign

- Apr 16, 2018-

Speaking of the word "LED acrylic letter sign", I believe that you have seen a lot of signs on a number of signs, such as roadside signs or signs, the production technology of the above words is the application of this kind. The general method of making acrylic is engraved and pasted on the acrylic, and then a light tube can be placed inside, or the built-in LED is built. Second is the acrylic suction, the luminescent tube is placed in the inside, and the LED can also be built, and the third is the method of using resin to form one time. In fact, the brightness of LED light-emitting resin made of resin of the same size is much brighter than that of it.

However, the craft of making acrylic and LED is different. The former is that the bigger the word, the better it is, because it is made by hand, whether it is a folded or curved side. Only the surface part of it is cut by computer water, and its light source is on the floor; the latter is made well in advance, Mold, and then put into the already arranged led, when the resin melts and then poured it into the mold, then wait for the resin to dry out the mold, and then grinding, recuperation and edge sealing and other processes, which is why the resin is more heavy.

Of course, for the words of acrylic and led, the cost is also an important issue that the merchant has to consider, because if these two words are put together, the final result may be due to the high brightness of the luminance of the acrylic light, which will increase the cost, but this effect is effective. The fruit will be a lot better. So, two things are hard to do in ancient times

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