How to solve the problems in the processing of Acrylic Electronic Stand

- Feb 04, 2018-

How to solve the problems in the processing of Acrylic Electronic Stand

Acrylic Electronic Stand with a transparent, lightweight, weather resistance, impact resistance, easy molding and other advantages, in recent years, equipment and processing technology continues to improve, the quality and quantity of Acrylic Electronic Stand products increasing, applications have become increasingly widespread, but many of my friends will meet when the display processing in acrylic there are some problems, the following is the Ming Yu crafts summed up some solutions to the problems in the years of work.

1. Methods to avoid the production of bubbles in the processing of Acrylic Electronic Stands.

How to avoid Acrylic Electronic Stand bubbles to avoid frame processing, Yijia advertising company in Acrylic Electronic Stand processing mill, also summarizes some methods to solve the above problems, Acrylic Electronic Stand products in the process of glue in the bubble is unavoidable, but to minimize the number of bubbles.

First choice of the environmental quality of the glue, and keep working platform space clean, fresh air, avoid dust, how many workers and technical experience is determined by the bubbles, each product using glue glue is not the same, using too much or too little will produce gas bubbles, technology and experience of workers is extremely important.

2, the solution to the wrong bubble and bending arc:

Acrylic Electronic Stand bending (bending) is one of the most common Acrylic Electronic Stand in the processing process often blistering and wrong bending radian, foaming common reasons and sheet thickness, quality, temperature, thickness of the material is uniformly heated in the heating process, the bending will produce bubbles. Temperature control is also an important way to prevent foaming of Acrylic Electronic Stand. The length of heating is determined by the thickness of material. The overheated material is heated repeatedly, even heating. Experienced technicians can operate according to experience.

There are 2 reasons for the misalignment, the improper operation, and the angle extension of a material due to the heat expansion and contraction. The operation is not easy to solve, and the heating equipment will be adjusted. This is related to the expansion and contraction of the material itself, it is difficult to solve, when hot bending we have to leave some room for expansion of materials, for some large and thick material, radian is more difficult to control, have experienced staff to operate.

3. The solution of scratch:

During the process of Acrylic Electronic Stand processing and transportation, acrylic impact products will be damaged or damaged, leaving scratches, which will affect the shape and shape of products, which will cause significant property losses. When the damage has been formed, how to repair a good product and minimize the loss is a problem that the enterprise must face.

For some small scratches, can be used to wipe the deerskin with toothpaste, but for some relatively large area deep scratches, it is necessary to use polishing, generally after polishing the Acrylic Electronic Stand products are recovered, but some corner defects, if the dimensions are not very strict requirements, can be used a little trimming machine and planer, polishing, and buffing then.

The above is a solution to the problems encountered in the processing of Acrylic Electronic Stand by the suppliers manufacturers Mingyu, and of course, the problems encountered in our processing also need to be analyzed according to the actual situation, and then targeted to be solved.