How to solve the bubbles of Acrylic Wine Display bonding

- Jan 16, 2018-

How to solve the bubbles of Acrylic Wine Display bonding

1, grease, dust or bubble hole is not conducive to the uniform application of Acrylic Wine Display adhesive. Therefore, the acrylic part should be cleaned before bonding, so as not to leave bubbles in Acrylic Wine Display.

2, acrylic is corroded by adhesives, leaving no traces to be removed. It can be sticky free on the part where there is no need for bonding. 3, the Acrylic Wine Display adhesive bonded to but not completely solidified before, should avoid direct sunlight exposure for a long time. Otherwise the Acrylic Wine Display will have different degrees of yellowing, which will seriously affect the beauty of the Acrylic Wine Display.

4, avoid direct blowing. This will make the cross section of the Acrylic Wine Display white. At the same time, we should pay attention to indoor humidity and temperature.

5, the amount of Acrylic Wine Display adhesive is too small to make the sticky surface not fully adhesive, or when the binder curable shrinkage into the air and influence beauty. So a proper amount of adhesive is used.

If the surface of the Acrylic Wine Display is more bright, we can use some polishing wax and use a small piece of cotton to wipe it. The Acrylic Wine Display can't be put together with other organic solvents. Not in contact with organic solvents, in the process of handling the peripheral protective film cannot break Acrylic Wine Display, we all know that the Acrylic Wine Display panel have a strong electrostatic interaction, is easily adsorbed to particulate matter, so need to pay more attention to not use clean when cleaning. Use clean water when cleaning. And then use a clean cotton cloth, in the whole process should be careful not to scratch the product.