How to proofing Acrylic Necklace Display

- Jan 19, 2018-

How to proofing Acrylic Necklace Display

How does the Acrylic Necklace Display look like? A lot of people even the master and boss of the acrylic factory do not know how the Acrylic Necklace Display are made. So, let's tell you how to make a sample of a Acrylic Necklace Display.

First of all, you need to know what a Acrylic Necklace Display is about. So what information do we have to know about the outline of the Acrylic Necklace Display? The general order is provided by the guests, which usually communicate with the salesman. As a master, it is a pity to ask the clerk directly, and the general guest will have the drawing salesman. If there is no drawing, we can ask the salesman to tell you what the Acrylic Necklace Display is and what is required.

Then, what does a master have to do when he gets the drawings for a sample of the Acrylic Necklace Display?

1. See what the technical requirements are on the drawings.

In general, we should see the size of the product and what process it has. This is not urgent, especially the newcomer who has just entered the factory.

2, to the lover in your mind, what equipment factory, how to do, what the machine can such samples for example, drawing such requirements, acrylic label size: 800*200*3m, black material, edge polishing, printed cloth, male logo, used to screen printing, logo is red. When the sample is to know, it is said that it is to screen screen, it is necessary to find the personnel to the net. The next thing is to open 2 to 3 800*200*3mm - Size Black Acrylic boards. When you are ready, take the polishing and throw it smooth. After throwing up, we should use the cloth to clean the wax on the side, and then tear off the paper to be printed, and then adjust the location of the silk screen. I don't say how I can print it behind. I believe that every master that will make a silk printing Acrylic Necklace Display will be able to do it. After the printing, it can be packed in an hour.

In fact, it is very simple to make a sample of a Acrylic Necklace Display.