How to prevent the acrylic display frame from deforming

- Jun 16, 2017-

First, the display frame in the production can be based on the actual situation to choose the thickness of acrylic plate, the larger load-bearing area should increase sheet thickness to improve load-bearing performance.

Second, the processing of acrylic plate should be drilled oval screw hole with the lock to increase its strength, so as to reduce the deformation.

Third, the rubber gasket with good elasticity can provide cushioning for the connection between plate and plate. At the same time, in the installation to set aside a certain gap, to alleviate the impact of thermal expansion and contraction!

The acrylic display frame can improve the impact strength of acrylic sheet and release the internal stress of the plate.

In addition to the design and production of acrylic display frame deformation in advance evaluation, buyers also need to have the corresponding acrylic maintenance knowledge, only in this way to effectively avoid the deformation of the display frame, so as to effectively extend the life of acrylic display shelf!