How to make acrylic menu holder?

- Apr 10, 2018-

Firstly, menu holder, table tent, card holder are divided into bending, glue, screw fixed vertical and so on. different styles, there are different style of display, their stereoscopic sense of different.

In the bending process, the acrylic sheet is cut into a small square with a cutting bed. After the small square is cut, the edge is repaired. The edge of the acrylic block is repaired smooth without scraping hand, and the hot bending is started on the roast line. When the hot bending is hot, the time is long. The time is too long and the acrylic board will burn and melt, and the time is often held in the bending and bending. Bending time is often held and bent. Attention should be paid to adjusting the bending angle and cooling with moulds.

glue process, this is made up of two parts of the upper and lower parts, a phase clip above, the following base, glued together and made together. First, the acrylic plate is cut into the required size, and the edge of the acrylic block is planed with a planer, then the upper panel is repaired by hot bending and made into a phase clip. Then it is attached to the base plate. Then it is pasted on the base plate. That's all right.

Screw fixed process, this product process is relatively easy to produce, it is made up of two pieces of acrylic plate, forming a phase clip, fixed with two short screws, and fixed with two long screws to stand. First cut the glass board into the required size, and repair the edge smooth, and then drill a screw hole in the four corners of each plate. After the hole is well drilled, the screw is mounted. The finished product is completed.

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