How to maintain the desktop acrylic clock

- Jan 21, 2018-

How to maintain the desktop acrylic clock

How does desktop acrylic clock maintain have the skill, the desktop acrylic clock laser cutting

1, waxing, to product bright, can use liquid polishing wax, with a soft cloth to wipe uniform purpose.

2, if the adhesive products, accidentally damaged, can be used as a gelling agent or dichloromethane type quick drying agent and sticky.

3, cleaning, acrylic products, if no special treatment or add hard agent, the product itself is easy to wear, scraping. In general, the dust, feather dust or blanket can rinse with water, then clean with soft cloth. If the surface oil pollution disposal, the soft washing agent can be added to water, and the soft material is scrubbed.

4, if the product is polished, scratch or abrasion on the surface is not very serious, you can try to use the polishing machine (or car waxing machine) with a cloth dipped in the amount of liquid polishing wax, uniform lighting can be improved.