How to deal with the old and old magnetic acrylic frame

- Feb 04, 2018-

How to deal with the old and old magnetic acrylic frame

In recent years, magnetic acrylic frame is applied more and more widely. We begin to realize that this new material brings great convenience. It enriches our life and adds a beautiful color to everyone's life. But everything has two sides, and the magnetic acrylic frame is no exception. To bring about great social development also brings some harm, magnetic acrylic frame life for a certain period of time, until the aging, is bound to bring some harm to the society, in order to reduce this risk, we need some aging treatment of waste magnetic acrylic frame, today to talk about at home and abroad is how to deal with these aging magnetic acrylic frame.

Treatment of abandoned magnetic acrylic frame

1, incineration and landfill technology is a commonly used method in China. Polluting the environment, wasting land resources and increasing the post processing cost of society are bound to bring some harm and garbage to the society, so this is the least advocated method.

2. Separation and decomposition technology, which is one of the most common methods in foreign countries, and the foreign technology in this field has been very mature. Its principle is to make use of the content, melting point and softening point of resin in the magnetic acrylic frame, and extract the resin from modern technology to make it get the two best use. This practice does not harm the atmospheric environment and land resources, but it is generally classified first, with low precision and low efficiency.

3, arts and crafts arts and crafts processing technology, as we all know, but some people may feel confused, magnetic acrylic frame crafts how to do? This is the minority interest in their use of waste magnetic acrylic frame to produce every kind of crafts, very artistic.

The above are three ways to deal with the old magnetic acrylic frame. There may be more practical and environmentally friendly methods in life. All these need us to observe and find. The best is the waste of aging magnetic acrylic frame two utilization and treatment benefits the country and the people, this is the most worth promoting!