How to choose acrylic wine display

- Feb 22, 2018-

1. sturdy and durable.

Generally speaking, an acrylic wine display above to put a lot of red wine rack to bear the weight is quite heavy. A simple calculation, the usual packaging on the market is 750ml, plus the weight of the bottle, 1 bottles of red wine weight about 1kg. Acrylic wine shows about 3-4 layers, each layer is placed 4-5 bottles, then the weight of acrylic liquor is: 1kg * 3 x 4=12kg.

It is no doubt that the metal acrylic liquor is the most suitable to be considered in terms of weight bearing. But the wine is fragile products glass bottle packaging, metal too hard shell once and product bumps often lead to damage the packaging material on glass products is extremely unfriendly.

Wood (MDF/ wood) acrylic wine display can meet the requirements of the overall display of bearing, and between it and the wine brewing barrel is material similar to that of acrylic wine display in sales to consumers to convey the value behind a drop of wine process, invisible in product value.

2. smell

We know that red wine is brewed and fermented, and it will become more fragrant as time goes on. The red wine at the stage of display and sale is still fermented. In order to keep red wine in a certain respiratory state during fermentation, the cork stopper of red wine bottle has a certain permeability, and the external gas can slowly enter the wine body through cork.

At this time, be sure to pay considerable attention to the ambient air environment, especially with the intimate contact of acrylic wine display. Solid wood wine rack before the production of fumigation, the intensity and duration of the sun will bring different aroma to the wine rack. During the storage and fermentation of wine, the wood aroma of solid red wine rack will be dissolved into the wine through the stopper and make the wine aroma more abundant.

3. level laminates

As mentioned earlier, some red wine will use cork stopper, while some red wine can be sealed by spiral cover. Do different sealing methods affect the display of acrylic wine?

The answer is, of course, influence. The red wine that uses cork seal is not completely sealed. The contact between the liquor and the trace air is slowly oxidized. This type of wine to take a completely horizontal position when placed in the upright position, or semi depositing makes cork and liquor is not completely contacted, come down for a long time will make no contact with the wine cork drying shrinkage side, increasing the gap between the wall of the bottle and a cork, likely to cause oxidative damage, affecting the quality of Wine.

But the red wine sealed with the spiral cap does not need to worry about it. Erect or flat release will not affect the quality of the wine. So in the choice of acrylic wine display, the best choice of the level of laminates, so that can meet the different packaging of red wine display requirements.