How do you customize the acrylic bottle glorifier for the company

- Mar 02, 2018-

The acrylic bottle glorifier will appear almost in the Chinese side, and can make almost any product in life. In the production process of acrylic bottle glorifier, the material can be screen printing, radium carving, flame polishing, flat printing, hot bending and plastic absorption. These characteristics are very difficult to achieve through traditional industrial injection molding. Because the ductile strength and acid and alkali resistance of plates are somewhat less than that of the new PET boards, which are very easy to break and crack, such as impact resistance and cold bending effect. So, at the same time we can show it, we should also be familiar with its properties to facilitate better production and use. So what are the principles of the acrylic bottle glorifier in the material selection that we need to keep in mind?

1. is the most important thing is the choice of material, only the choice of the right, to consider the next step of the choice. In the present market, the material for making the display frame mainly includes acrylic plate, environmental wood board, special fireproof board, crystal plate and so on. After comparing them, it will be found that acrylic boards and environment-friendly wood boards are widely used in these materials.

2., we should combine the visual system of enterprise culture. Select the color that is unified with the visual system of the corporate culture, so that the acrylic bottle glorifier can effectively integrate with the corporate culture and integrate into the enterprise vision system.

3. acrylic bottle glorifier construction, according to the customer's needs to design the material selection. We should know that selecting plates that are more suitable for design and modeling can effectively save plates and avoid tasteless waste, which is a responsible corporate behavior for both the environment and the guests.