Gucci-sponsored event features display cases fashioned with Perspex acrylic

- Dec 28, 2017-

Perspex acrylic was used to create the display cases for House Style, an exhibition at Chatsworth House in the Peak District, which is sponsored by Gucci.

The event runs from 25th March 22nd October 2017.

Getting an even curvature with such large sheets can be tricky, but the thickness and thermoformability of Perspex could bring the design to life.


Patrick Kinmonth, Head of Creative Direction at Perspex, was inspired by bubbles and the way they joined together when he imagined the smooth curved design of the cases.

Kinmonth said: “I saw the bubbles and the way they joined together, creating a straight line. You can see in this case [referring to the display in the first room] they do a fascinating thing; I envisaged how beautiful it could be when expanded upwards… The Perspex display cases offer a solution for how these clothes and mannequins could be staged without isolating the items – curves are the solution.”


Mauricio Elorriaga, Design Director, said: “Other materials were initially investigated for the display case designs. Glass in the first instance; however, it is over twice as heavy as Perspex acrylic which would have limited the exhibition layout possibilities, knowing that the floor loading capacity is a concern on a listed building. Glass also presents more obstacles in regards to cost effectiveness of the material itself, fabrication and handling fees. An alternative material considered was polycarbonate, but the optical clarity and overall aesthetics did not fit the design specification”.

Perspex® is a registered trademark of Lucite International