Brief talk about the construction method of acrylic

- Mar 01, 2018-

There are many kinds of acrylic materials. The difference between imported and domestic is very big. The import of acrylic is very smooth. There are too many domestic impurities. The cutting of acrylic is generally used at low speed machine, because the power of the laser tube is not very large, and the precision of the thin material is higher. The general speed is not more than 3 meters per cent.

Cutting thick materials (10-20mm) above 10mm acrylic generally use the 75mm focus lens above 25mm acrylic using 100mm focus lens, the deep cutting 32mm acrylic. 10mm acrylic cutting: the speed of cutting is generally 0.08-0.12 M / min, and the light intensity is 60-70%. With the most stable light intensity at 60%, the air leakage cup adjusts the gas flow and makes the edge more smooth. Because the bigger the blow, the melting object is assisted by the high pressure gas to the acrylic to form the non - light surface. Try to wind down. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or film and cutting, the wind can not be too small, otherwise it will fire. When cutting acrylic, speed and light intensity must be matched well, the slower the speed, the smoothness is not better. More than 15mm, acrylic is the best use of high power lasers. Acrylic engraving with air jet cup, don't try to carve too deep, too deep carving is difficult to reach the bottom roughness, more gas will affect the carving edge effect, to carve more fine and clear, not too deep and blow, acrylic engraving to note is the resolution setting, if the output BMP format, resolution generally more than 600dpi, the velocity is 8-18 M / min, the light intensity was 20%-30%, when cleaning the bottom blowing off more smoothly.

Cutting thin material (2-10mm) below 5 mm by 50mm acrylic focusing mirror, cutting speed is generally 0.35-0.8 M / min, the intensity of 45-65%, 5-10mm acrylic generally uses 63.5 mm focusing mirror, cutting speed of 0.15-0.3 M / min, the intensity of 50-75%, a large area of engraving machine, carving if serious resonance (vibration), can also cause the engraving machine precision is reduced, so the cutting acrylic models format as not more than 1 meters, have some white powder and acrylic engraving characters in the process of image, and thus feel clearer, if water carving to erase, appear more fuzzy. Look at what processing is done like a specific effect.

The physical properties of the acrylic:

Density: 1.19g/cm 3 transmittance: 99% the impact strength is larger than 16kg/cm 3 tensile strength more than 61Kg/cm 3 thermal deformation temperature more than 78 DEG C for heat softening temperature more than 105 DEG C

Acrylic bonding methods need to meet different needs. 502 can be less demanding, but the high requirement of trichloromethane or chloroform is not necessarily the best. Acetone is also needed, but it is best to use several mixed formulations.