Brief discussion on how to select the material acrylic display rack

- Jan 03, 2018-

Display I believe we are not unfamiliar, much to show for all kinds of goods, which has produced a variety of different materials, such as iron shelves, stainless steel shelves, wooden display rack, acrylic display rack etc.. Different applications have different display rack, metal display for the supermarket display of goods, such as daily necessities, snacks and so on; and wood, because of its low cost, much as large and display showcase; the best - acrylic display rack, shoes and hats, bags for shopping malls display display, cosmetic display and so on.

Acrylic show stand, as a display of props, as a rising star, just like a "peer" in a big black horse, and the trend is growing. So the problem, the use of acrylic display rack more and more widely, the following low quality and poor quality products are also more and more? The answer is yes. That handsome to show the beauty series for you, how to correctly choose the acrylic material.

The following male cloth shows the little editor to explain why the acrylic sheet has the reputation of "plastic crystal".

Acrylic plate with high transparency, light transmittance of up to 92%, "plastic crystal" good reputation. It also has excellent weatherability. It can be used for outdoor and other plastic crown, and has excellent surface hardness and luster. It has large processing plasticity, and can be made into all kinds of shapes and products needed. The variety of acrylic plate is rich in color, and the other feature is that the thick plate can still adhere to high pass.

The characteristics of acrylic sheet: 1, weathering and acid and alkali resistant performance is good, not because through themonths and years of sun and rain, and the onset of yellowing and hydrolysis appearance; 2, long service life, compared with other materials, the life of three years; 3, good transparency, can reach more than 92%, the light intensity of fire smaller required and save electric energy; 4, strong impact resistance, which is sixteen times the usual glass, suitable especially need safety device in the region; 5, excellent insulation function, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment; 6, light weight, lighter than usual half glass, buildings and support load of small, bright color, 7; high brightness, other materials can not match; 8, strong plasticity, appearance change, simple processing; 9, Recyclable rate is high, as the increasing awareness of environmental protection of the identity; 10, convenient maintenance, easy cleaning, rainwater can be self However, cleaning, or with soap and a soft cloth to wipe.

5, the physical function is safe and stable, the ability to resist the upper and lower temperature changes is strong. This is also one of the important features of the application of acrylic in the field advertising profession. First of all, it has a very strong anti ultraviolet ability, which is one of the reasons it will not fade. Besides, it can resist high temperature at 70 degrees C. Low temperature is 50 degrees centigrade. In this interval, it will not change. Most of the regions of China do not have this temperature difference. So in the field, the business can be used safely.

6, very strong machinability A and thermoforming function: I just talked about the 70 to 50 degrees of temperature between them. The temperature will reach the height, and the acrylic plate will be softened. After softening, it can be molded into various shapes by pressure according to the shape of the mold. After cooling to the normal temperature, its physical function is settled. B, strong machinability: you can use a variety of things such as cutting, saw, drilling and other things to stop the special-shaped processing of acrylic plate. Flexibility is relatively good. Usually, the acrylic plate will not crack.