The custom-made methods and advantages of the Acrylic Electronic Stand

- Jan 13, 2018-

The custom-made methods and advantages of the Acrylic Electronic Stand

The manufacturing technology of the Acrylic Electronic Stand is mainly shown as follows:

One, hot pressing method: this method must first make the hot pressing mould according to the design drawing, and then use the cast lead and the gypsum material as the Yin and Yang mould. After the acrylic plate is heated, it is hot pressed in the mold. To a large extent, the finished product depends on the quality of the mould. Good mold is finished with finished products, smooth curve and strong three-dimensional sense. It has relief effect.

Two, heating method: acrylic heating, direct hand quickly, forming the nest. This method is required by an experienced and agile teacher. Out of the molding machine, made by hand, the finished product is more simple and rough, more used for the decoration on the Acrylic Electronic Stand.

The advantage of Acrylic Electronic Stand Customization:

1. acrylic rich color for the display rack of the icing on the cake. Acrylic display rack can be processed and dyed according to the design, the style is many, the color difference is small, it really satisfies the customer's request, and shows the unique charm of the product.

2., the Acrylic Electronic Stand is durable and has a long life and low manufacturing cost. Therefore, there is no doubt that it can save the corresponding cost for the majority of enterprises.

3. acrylic display mobile phone style very much, a desktop, floor type, hanging type, rotary type; wide application, can be used to watch display, cosmetic display, jewelry display, according to the customer demand design, to meet the different needs of different shops, location.

4. Acrylic Electronic Stand assembly is flexible and simple, easy to disassemble and easy to transport. Therefore, this means that it is fully in line with the standard of convenient use of modern people.