Adhesive technique and process flow of acrylic drawer box processing

- Feb 03, 2018-

Adhesive technique and process flow of acrylic drawer box processing

The following main introduction of acrylic drawer box processing in the process of the need to pay attention to some of the bonding skills, I believe it is very helpful:

1, acrylic drawer box processing in the acrylic drawer box plate before bonding, the first to control the indoor humidity, temperature, otherwise the effect of adhesion will have an impact.

2, all acrylic drawer box boards will leave difficult marks to remove when they are attacked by adhesives. Therefore, sticky glue can be used to protect parts that do not need to stick.

3, the amount of the adhesive must be used according to the specific size of the product. Excessive use of adhesive will make the sticky surface not fully coated, or bring the air into the air when the adhesive is solidified and shrink, which will affect the appearance. In addition, if the smear is not uniform, such as oil, dust or bubble holes, and so on, after bonding, leaving bubbles, can be cleaned by cleaning.

4, the direct blowing will make the edge of the adhesive surface whiten because of the rapid volatilization of the adhesive, so it can not let the adhesive surface of acrylic drawer box products blow directly. In addition, if the bonded products are irradiated directly by the sun for a long time, the yellowing products will undergo varying degrees of yellowing, which will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic drawer box products.

Process flow of acrylic drawer box processing

The 1. way is to put the ruler on the cutting board, and make a break: This is a linear cutting method of acrylic drawer box. The edge of the ruler is coincided with the cutting line, and the ruler is fixed. With a hook knife along the edge of a ruler drag row, will be in the plate to be cut at the draw slot when the slot depth of about half the thickness, and the edge of the table can slot overlap break when you move the hook plate. The one hand according to the plate in the table, on the other hand a plate on the table outside the palm, straining under the pressure of rapid. acrylic drawer box will break from the position of the hook.

The route of 2. cutting can be curved straight. There is a special vibrating saw, saw: cutting data or forming with saws. Miniature saw, can also use a hacksaw, wire saw. By sawing acrylic drawer box, should make sawdust sawdust will fall down, because the blade frictional heating on melting stick in the sawtooth, make sawtooth lost, Korah slowly, to prevent overheating of the blade stick or brush to sweep the sawdust sawdust. Because the edge of the sawing material is rough, it must be worn and leveled with the file and the sand paper. It is often used to cut off pipe and rod.