Acrylic mobile display

- Jan 01, 2018-

Acrylic mobile phone display rack is widely used in various consumer electronics products stores, product exhibitions, exhibition production, Exhibition cabinets, electronic digital shopping malls, product cabinets, mobile phone counters and other anti-theft installations.

It can effectively protect all kinds of digital products, electronic gifts, such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, earphones and other small electronic exhibits, as well as high-end craft gifts, jewelry and so on, so as to prevent the loss of products. Acrylic mobile display rack is easy to use, only need to paste the display frame, screw fixed on the display cabinet, the display frame and mobile phone 3M glue can be fixed.

Product features

Convenient operation: in the decoration of the display cabinet, only a positioning hole and a wire hole are needed, which can be installed and used, saving time and labor.

Expansion space: the display area can close the wall, increase the display volume, greatly expand the actual display space of the store.

Cost reduction: a large number of exhibits are put on, sales promoters are reduced, and costs are reduced for many aspects of the enterprise.

Improving performance: marketing from traditional "Narration" to innovative "experiential" upgrading, from the "recommendation" of the shop assistant to the customer

"Independent choice" change, consumer convenient and quick selection of products and services, convenient for consumers to improve the performance of enterprises at the same time.