Acrylic material introduction

- Dec 29, 2017-

What is acrylic?

Acrylic (ACRYLIC) new stereoscopic material luminescence is a special kind of organic glass. Due to its excellent strength and toughness and good light transmittance, it was used to make windscreens and tank fields in the early days of the aircraft. Modern acrylic material surface coated with high intensity of ultraviolet absorbent and has rich and colorful color, bright colors at night and very penetrating, the exposure to the sun and rain, long service life of ten years, is currently the most popular outdoor signs on manufacturing materials. In the bustling business district of Paris, New York, Tokyo and other international metropolis, the bright figure of acrylic logo products can be seen everywhere, which will add infinite charm to the brand image of numerous international famous enterprises.

In China, the use of acrylic signs products is still at an early stage, but with the demonstration of McDonald's, Kentucky and other international well-known enterprises, favored for acrylic panel material with built-in light source identification products in Shanghai Beijing and other places have been more and more enterprises.

Acrylic identification characteristics

The new type polyester material, the hot music molding or plane edge, metal tuode built-in light source, highly visual impact.

Weatherability: panel coated high concentrations of UV absorber, metal base spraying import car paint, insurable long weather resistance, never fade, the life span of 5 to 8 years.

Durability: the product has good protection for the built-in light source, and prolongs the service life of the light source.

Rationality: rational design, rain proof and moisture-proof, open structure, easy to repair.

Impact resistance: 200 times the glass product, with almost no risk of breaking.

Light: up to 93% excellent, soft light, dazzling light.

Combustibility: no spontaneous combustion and self extinguishing.

Beauty: exquisite craftsmanship, full font in mirror effect, no wrinkle, no seams, all riveting firmware is not exposed.

Energy saving: the light transmittance is good, the light source products are reduced, the electricity is saved, and the cost of use is reduced.