How to ensure the matters needing attention when processing acrylic display rack good quality and acrylic sheet before buying

- Jan 05, 2018-

How to ensure the matters needing attention when processing acrylic display rack good quality and acrylic sheet before buying

Acrylic display is the product display props, the use of acrylic processing makes the display with high transparency, bright color, strong compression capability, high-grade looks delicate, highly transparent effect for customers of products at a glance. These advantages make the acrylic display stand the best choice for the display of the product! But if the acrylic display rack in the process of grasp is not good, then made the finished display effect will be greatly reduced. So how do acrylic manufacturers guarantee high quality products in the process of acrylic display frame processing?

1, first of all acrylic plate surface hardness equivalent to aluminum, in processing or use should be careful to avoid surface scratch. If scratched, can restore the original luster surface by polishing, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the acrylic display rack itself, and ultimately affect the appearance of products exhibition.

2, secondly, the acrylic board casting board has a certain expansion coefficient, in the installation of acrylic plate must be considered to keep adequate expansion gap.

3, of course, also needs cleaning and maintenance of the acrylic display rack, because the acrylic plate is easy to produce static electricity, dust absorption. So everyone in the cleaning cleaning agent must choose reasonable, wipe with a soft cotton cloth dipped in soapy water 1%, very convenient to clean, and this is a great advantage of acrylic display rack. Acrylic display rack plays a very important role in the display of goods, you can easily attract the attention of consumers, enhance product visibility, and the background image of the product, and we Dongguan kailike provide a perfect display platform for you, make your products more effective, so we establish long-term and mutual benefit, mutual trust and partnership

Matters needing attention before purchase of acrylic sheet

The use of acrylic sheet can play a decorative effect, during the application of the usual choice, in order to make the effect make effective improvement, grasp and study some attention, let the purchase date after get some help.

Generally speaking, acrylic plate is made of high quality plastic material, so it should be very smooth in touch. If there is a lot of particulate matter or impurities on the board after exposure, it shows that the effect and quality of the board still have some differences. In order to help oneself choose high-quality plates, the best way is to start with price. The best plate is the medium price, so that it can do better in quality.

After learning and mastering how to purchase acrylic sheets, many friends gradually realized and realized their particularity. I think a good friend might as well consider it. It's a good chance to choose.