Acrylic display rack bearing awesome? Look at it!

- Jan 01, 2018-

Acrylic display rack product brand awareness promotion process, play a subtle role, set up a special counter in the major city of the large supermarkets, through sophisticated design and fit the brand image display counters, with broad consumers with unified image, unified price, policy, give consumers around a good the concept of the brand, is also an important function of the acrylic display props.

So what about the force of the acrylic show? He answer for you: acrylic show rack in the domestic market began gradually warming, and because the acrylic material can accept the reason, in the custom acrylic display cabinet and acrylic display rack, and must take into account the thickness, and the thickness of a few by carrying products and.

Acrylic display frame to be more thick is not understood standard, with the customer's heavy demand. Generally speaking, the decoration can be used by 2mm, if the weight is at least 3mm or above, it should be determined according to the structure. The weight of the weight of 3mm to 5mm can be accepted and used in acrylic to display the weight of the products, such as shoes, mobile phones, watches, jewelry and so on.

In addition, the strength of acrylic display frame is more than ten times that of glass. Acrylic material is also widely applied to building and home decoration industry, so its durability is not suspicious. Ming Yu is a professional manufacturer of various acrylic display shelves, and is also the consumption of acrylic plate and the integration of customizing consumer.

The following Ming Yu shows us how to identify the quality of acrylic products.

Acrylic product material quality there is a big difference, the quality of differential acrylic, the simplest way is to use hand bending plate, the stronger the plate better, hands each holding plate in different distance from the ground height of about 50cm flat sheet thrown to the ground to listen to the sound, sound crisp sound relatively impure, plate a relatively good; or in the plate cutting, Yantai Dalian and the strong flavor of relatively small tasteless smoke plate is worse.

The following are the details of the quality identification of the products of acrylic products:

1, see: mainly for transparent board and whiteboard, see whether the thickness of the thickness of the yellow, see the overall color difference, color is uniform is also a judge of acrylic

2, quantity: the acrylic panel shows whether the thickness is consistent with the actual thickness.

3, smell: in the process of cutting is the smell of the same pungent;

4, fire: look at the color of the main flame, after the fire is extinguished to see the generated bubbles, impurities and the length of the wire.

5, friction: high quality acrylic material feel round and smooth, and without stains, fingerprint printing;

6, the cigarette burning method: lighted with a complete smoke, after the surface were placed in two kinds of material, let it spontaneous combustion three minutes remove smoke, unsaturated resin material surface imprinted deep yellow, with wet paper towels, was very difficult to remove, and yellow Acrylic Solid Surfaces imprinting is very shallow, with wet paper towels, traces can immediately eliminate or become very shallow, wipe the number and degree of difficulty to judge the performance of material to a certain extent;

7, paste identification method: good acrylic wood wood baking soft is to stick together can also be separated, and the poor material after baking soft paste together is very difficult to separate;

8, thickness identification: thickness is a rigid standard for acrylic bearing area. 8~12 cm is a common thickness. If the thickness is not enough, even if the material is good, it will also be Jerry built.

9, transparent acrylic sheet identification method: well penetrated light is very pure white, not yellow or blue, of course, the lights to be white, the acrylic material is brittle, exposed to the weather soon fade, lose luster;

10, glue edge identification method: good general acrylic sheet factory has a soft edge;

11, the hot oil method: the oil heated to 200 degrees, the hot oil poured into the metal container, immediately placed on the surface of the board, after cooling, the surface of acrylic solid surface will not have concave marks.

12, cola immersion method: put acrylic material into cola, take it out in half an hour and dry it with paper. There will be no obvious change on the surface of acrylic solid surface, otherwise, it may not be a good acrylic plate.

13, the solvent method: put the cup containing acetone and take it out after 24 hours. When the solid surface of acrylic solid is expanded, it can be observed that the soaking part is loose, and if other materials, such as unsaturated resin, will expand.