After the completion of production of acrylic bracelet holder we also need to pay attention to what

- Jan 14, 2018-

After the completion of production of acrylic bracelet holder we also need to pay attention to what?

Production of acrylic bracelet holder after the completion of the 4 point is to our attention:

1, acrylic bracelet holder ordinary thermal deformation and stability in about 100 degrees, so when the organic glass cabinet used to pay attention to the temperature value, such as the continued use of the time temperature should not exceed 90 degrees.

2, the surface of the acrylic bracelet holder hardness equivalent to aluminum, so in use or processing organic glass cabinet should be careful to avoid scratching the surface. If the wound is scratched, the original gloss surface can be restored by polishing.

3, the absorption of dust or minor scratches produced by static electricity of the organic glass cabinet fuzzy or unclean can use with soap and water in the 1% with soft cloth to wipe clean.

4, this is the assembly needs to pay attention to the details of the process in acrylic bracelet holder, because acrylic bracelet holder plate with expansion coefficient, so we must consider the acrylic bracelet holder panel's thermal expansion factor when installed, must leave space in the assembly when the expansion gap.

According to the exhibition materials can be divided into: paper display, metal display rack, display rack, organic glass composite display etc..

The display rack can be divided into: exhibition display rack, clothing display rack, food display rack, lubricating oil display rack, data display rack, jewelry display rack, publicity display rack, cosmetics display rack and so on.