About how to select acrylic logo block is perfect

- Jan 23, 2018-

About how to select acrylic logo block is perfect?

1, the purchase can touch touch acrylic logo block, to determine its quality. The surface quality of the acrylic logo block smooth smooth, feel good, and will not leave fingerprints or other marks.

2, at the time of purchase should pay attention to the observation of transparent acrylic logo block. The transmittance of acrylic materials with excellent quality, so usually acrylic logo block with good light transmittance.

Three, the stability and bearing capacity of acrylic logo block must be taken into account. Good in standard acrylic logo block bearing range, casual aside items or slightly distorted deformation does not occur.

One of the standard four, the thickness of the materials or not is a simple measure of the quality of acrylic logo block. Because the acrylic logo block by different materials, the thickness would be different. Buyers can through comparing with the standard thickness of acrylic logo block intuitive to identify the product quality. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the color of the display frame. The high quality acrylic display stand is uniform in color and good as a whole.

The acrylic board is the usual organic glass. It is also often used acrylic plate cabinet door material, compared with traditional materials, pure acrylic sheet% version in addition to incomparable pursuit of individuality, the use of acrylic plate as a cabinet door material not only exquisite style and durable and has the function of environmental protection.

Because of the different content of acrylic and resin, many businesses call different ways. There are crystal doors and resin acrylic doors, which are all acrylic door panels. In addition to the unmatched high gloss, the pure acrylic door panels also have the following advantages: full color, strong sense of three-dimensional, high hardness, good toughness, unbreakable and repairable, which can meet different tastes of personality pursuit.