About Acrylic/Perspex Sheet

- Sep 11, 2018-

About Acrylic/Perspex Sheet

 Acrylic - Perspex sheets can be supplied in multicolored and finishes. Clear acrylics - perspex sheets are the most popular and used, however, also available is a full range of colors and tints in solid and semi opaque. Also available are anti reflective finishes, frosted and pigmented fluorescent. Acrylics - Perspex sheets can also be sold with a silicate green edge to give a plate glass effect.


Acrylic/Perspex Sheet can be ordered in several grades including:

Extruded - the most cost effective solution. Cast - The best mechanical properties for machining and optical clarity. Impact modified - For increased strength. Acrylic - Perspex sheets can be ordered in a wide range of thicknesses from 1mm up to 100mm.


Other materials that ACRYLICKINGDOM.COM will use for fabrication include:

PVC - Flexible material and very cost effective, used for ticketing and card channels

PETG(PET) - Good for machine guarding and fabrications requiring strength characteristics

HIPS(no Clear color) - Cost effective and low weight

Wire & Metal-- Copper,Iron,steel(stainless steel), Aluminum

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