Clear 5x7 Double Side Magnetic Acrylic Picture Frame

"This see through frame provides a quick and easy way to display and share your memories. The clear picture frame is made of two thick panels of super clear acrylic which are held together by four strong magnets. Photos are sandwiched securely between the panels and are easy to change. Two back-to-back pictures can be viewed from both sides. Good at home or the office. Four magnets: Some magnetic picture frames have only two magnets. These have four, better securing your contents. More than photos: Not just for pictures, but also trading cards, ticket stubs, magazine clippings, drawings, currency, awards, pin-ups, etc. And post-cards, if your friends still send them. Super Clear: Glass is made from sand which has metallic impurities that gives it a slight tint, often green. Acrylic is clear with a light transmittance of 92%, versus 90% for glass, resulting in clearer pictures. Portrait or Landscape: Using your camera phone vertically and horizontally? No problem, this frame does it both ways. Care: Use a water based cleaner. Do not use ammonia based cleaners, they cause acrylic to display many shades of grey. Packaged to prevent damage

Product Details



  • Thick, solid and super clear: We designed the frame to be solid and stable in both portrait and land

  • Change contents easily: Slide the blocks apart to change the contents - it's  easier to change and update a picture